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London, here I come baby!

Hello world,

I’m emigrating to London in less than a month. The fact that I have to leave Ireland to have some form of a career in fashion journalism is a bit depressing, but putting that aside i’m really looking forward to the move. So, since the last time I had been to London was ten years previous and it only had been for a few days it was time I went back again. Naturally I can hardly remember the last trip.

So while everyone else my age goes over at least once a year, I seem to have missed that completely.

I went over for a day trip to get a feel for the city, check out some flats, visit a few friends and of course do a little shopping! Seriously, would you expect any less of me?

I’ll not bore you with the job-hunting, flat-hunting details, but I will share with you some photos of the day.

I also found the most amazing vintage shop in the world. Maybe all Londoners are aware of it and I just look like a fool, but ‘Retro Woman’ just around the corner from Notting Hill Gate is AMAZING!!!! I’m a designer whore and anything shiny I flock to it like a magpie, so when I discovered this shop pure by accident it felt like i had discovered a piece of heaven.

They have loads of designer wear. Frankly it feels like they only have designer wear; everything from Jimmy Choo heels barely worn for £180 to an 80’s nude Prada suit. I can’t wait to go shopping there on a regular basis when I live in London. Anyway here are my photos of the day.

Oh and I love Baker Street, even more so because the song ‘Baker Street’ by Gerry Rafferty has to be one of my all-time favourites. Everytime I passed the tube stop I’d blast this song on my iPhone and bop my head along.

I bought a few other items including a pair of Zara heels that every blogger seems to have, and ones I’ve been looking for, for months. I’ll post them in an outfit look in a few days.

Retro Woman shop

Portobello Road

Platform 9 at King's Cross

While flitting through King’s Cross station, I had to stop and try and find Platform 9. I know this makes me sound like such a geek, but I adore the Harry Potter books, so I was quite surprised to see that Platform 9 was closed for construction work, but instead they had Platform 9b! Seriously 9b? They should have re-named it 9 3/4 just for all the fans out there.

Quite disappointed about that.

I know these photos aren’t that brilliant, but they’re a testament to the amazing day I had and how excited I am to move there!!!!

Until then,





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