DIY skirt – work in progress

Hello world,

Out of all the blogs I read and follow there’s one I absolutely adore and that is Andy Torres’ Style Scrapbook. Apart from having a coveted wardrobe and what looks like limitless amount of money to spend on clothes, she mixes the high end with the high street very well.

She had a post on recently with a to die for skirt by Cheap Monday, which I was originally going to get, but when I saw the price and realised all the unpaid bills that are still waiting for me, I thought better of it. But since the skirt, which is actually a dress, is such a simple design, why not make it?

Here is the dress and if you look at it closely, you’ll see it’s just simple draped jersey. Can’t be that hard, right? Knowing me, I’m going to find it impossible.

I’ll take photos of it as soon as it’s done to show you how it looks. I’m even thinking of adding a zipper down the side to toughen it up and make it more suitable for daytime wear.

Until then,





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