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Can size zero models make us fatter? – to believe or not to believe

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This popped up among the many news feeds and blogs I read yesterday, and the reason I’m only commenting on this now, is because it seems such a controversial topic.

On the US Elle News feed, an entry was posted on a new study that suggests banning size zero models will actually make us fatter. This is not some idiotic rant by someone who doesn’t have a clue, but actual Professors and Doctors, with hefty titles and hopefully quite a bit of clout behind it. What is so interesting is that they presume that by forcing the fashion world to adopt fatter or more normal models, the general public will have less to strive for in terms of unrealistic ideals and as a result become fatter.

Which will make you fatter?

Frankly I think that’s completely ridiculous, and that this was spouted by some professionals in their field makes me a little worried for the professional and academic world in the US. Are they all that dumb?

I have to agree with Dhani Mau, who wrote the short article for Elle online, that while models have on average been shrinking in size for the last two decades, the American public and the general public of the western world have been increasing in size. How banning size zero models will cause everyone to wake up and realise they’ve all been living very unhealthy lives is beyond my understanding. Maybe I need a Doctorate or another Masters to understand this, but it does raise an interesting angle on a topic that in the fashion world has been discussed to death.

Here is the link to the original article anyway:

Are they right in presuming that by trying to strive for unhealthy and unrealistic ideals as seen in the size zero models we are keeping our weight in check?

Frankly I think it might be so-called doctors of this study that are suffering from an eating disorder, not the rest of us.

What do you think?

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