Shop of the Week – Lanvin loves H&M

Hello world,

That day has finally come, Lanvin was finally on sale in H&M stores today and I went a little mad in there. Annoyingly they split people up into groups and we were given an allotted time to shop the collection. Even more irritatingly I was put in the 11am time slot, so by the time it was my time so shop, most of the good dresses in a small size were gone.

But I’m not giving up, and since the H&M on South King street is only 10 minutes from where I live, I’ll be popping in there a lot over the next few days to see what’s been returned. Because even though I missed out on the dresses the first time around, a lot of people suffer from buyer’s remorse especially in this climate and that’s my chance to swoop in and buy it once it’s returned in the shops.

These are the pieces I bought this morning;

Look at the pretty boxes!!!

The bag costs €39.95, the red necklace is €39.95 and the red lipstick is €9.95.

I'm wearing the new red ornamented necklace from Lanvin loves H&M

I’ll keep you posted on whether I manage to get any more dresses from the Lanvin collection.

Until then,




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