Research for SCOPE shoot – I’m feeling very feathery!

Hello world,

I’m in the process of planning the next fashion shoot for SCOPE magazine and it’s turned into a bit of a feathered theme. I’m not quite sure how that happened; I had actually been languishing for a few weeks trying to come up with another unique fashion shoot and somehow in work I spotted this River Island feather skirt and the theme of feathers just evolved from there.

I’m actually quite excited about this shoot, because it originally started with only River Island featuring feathers in their pieces, but as the months wore on it caught on the other high street stores and I predict this trend is going to catch fire for the Christmas period.

Though Topshop and A|Wear to name a few, also use quite bright and light feathers, the majority of the high street seems to be going for dark feathers with a black/shimmering green tone, which goes rather well with my wooded feather shoot idea.

Here are some of the things I’ve found on the high street that I might feature in the upcoming shoot.



Until then,




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