Haute Couture A/W 2010/11 – Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel

Hello world,

Today it was the turn of Chanel, Armani Privé and Givenchy to showcase their latest haute couture collections, but I’ll focus on Chanel first. This season proved to be much darker in theme than the Spring/Summer couture collection, with colours such as ochre, burgundy, navy and camel. the dresses resembled a dark tapestry, adorned with rich embellishments and glittering sequins that give this entire collection an air of a futuristic oriental feel.

While the maroon coat and heavily embellished 3/4 length dresses are obviously a treat and up to Karl Lagerfeld’s usual standards, the same I can’t say for his boots. they come in a variety of colours and fabrics, from a high sheen leather to sequin covered, but despite their many guises and beautiful waif-like creatures wearing them, not even some of the most beautiful models in the industry could make those boots look good.

Frankly, how anyone that isn’t a size four (UK size) and six foot tall could possibly wear slouchy mid-calf boots that come in such ridiculous colours as an orange coloured tan and black. I don’t know what Karl was thinking when he created those boots, but then it wouldn’t be haute couture if he didn’t try and push some boundaries once in a while. They will have to do.

Over-all, while the craftmanship and sheer stage presence of any Chanel show was up to scratch, his collection as a whole underwhelmed me. I hope a lot better from him once the spring/summer collections come out.

The impressive Chanel catwalk.

Until then,




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