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Shop the Look: Pink and Blue

Pink and Blue are such a fantastic bright colour combination. They are perfectly suited for spring, when we start to see pink cherry blossoms against bright blue skies. It’s also my favourite colour combination for spring this year. The amount of blue and pink heels I have should be a testament to that.

So, while the Pink and Blue shoot was well received, it’s a bit hard to shop that look since half of the

items are out of stock older items from my wardrobe. It’s what ends up happening, when you’re doing shoots during the lockdown.

I wanted to create a Shop the Look feature of some of the greatest pink and blue items found on the high street. I may not have been able to shoot these, but they most definitely still are on my shopping list.

Scroll down for some bright spring inspiration.

Click on the Gallery above for a close-up image of each item chosen, and then go further down for links to where you can buy them.

Click on the images below for links to the items.

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