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Spring/Summer Lookbook: Acid Wash with New Look

Acid wash; the quintessential 90’s obsession of throwing bleach on our clothes, mixing it around and wearing the end result. Part grunge, part preppy American high school, it’s a trend that appeals to almost all demographics.

WHAT: The 90’s trend has never really gone away. In fact it’s so predominant, it realistically has to be split up into several different trends. And that’s where acid wash comes in. Worn mostly as acid washed denim (though the trend’s sister is undoubtedly tie dye, a more hippie variation of the trend), it’s all about 90’s attitude. This trend is as vintage as it could get. And I remember this trend, the first time it came around, lol.

The quickest way to update your wardrobe for spring is to switch out your go-to denim jacket for an acid-washed version. On the runways we saw washed out denim used for jean trousers, of course, but there were also plenty of denim jackets, shirts, skirts and even dresses.

WHO: First seen at Proenza Schouler and Alexander Wang in New York, then at Isabel Marant, Off-White, Alto, Celine and Balmain.

HOW: Think Sweet Valley High, Beverly Hills 90210, Clarissa Explains It All, and basically most early 90’s tv we used to watch. It’s urban, impossibly cool, androgynous, comfy and for nearly all types of girls and women out there. This lives in harmony with the graphic print tees, neon, tie dye, over-the-top trainers and sportswear to create a truly unique style for the wearer.

“A hybrid of early 90’s grunge and shows like Beverly Hills 90210, the acid wash denim is the ultimate 90’s fashion item to bring back memories and relive the cool decade.”

THE LOOK: For this trend we went to New Look, as they were the perfect brand to highlight this trend and tap into the type of woman who would wear this. Aimed at the slightly younger generation, the millennials and Gen Z, acid wash fit perfectly with their brand. New Look’s type of woman loves the casual 90’s clothing, and as a brand this has been a strong point for them for the last year.

I styled this outfit, my combining cycling shorts and an oversized denim jacket. I particularly love these shorts because they have lots of stretch in them, while also being beached themselves. The outfit was finished off with a bardot-style white crop-top. For shoes, these brilliant platform sneakers that honestly bring back so many memories from the 90’s, it’s not even hilarious. I remember begging my mum to buy me a lavender pair back in 1998 in Berlin, when I was only 11 years old. They were to me the coolest thing ever, and twenty odd years later it really hasn’t changed. Plus it makes me feel tall for once, lol! But by God, do you want to be careful with keeping them clean! The outfit was finished off with a simple high ponytail and some pastel eyeshadow, because what could be more 90’s than lilac eyeshadow? 🙂

Acid washed denim jacket: New Look, found here – Acid washed denim cycling shorts: New Look, found here – White crop top: New Look, found here – White platform trainers: New Look, found here


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