The Shoot

The Shoot: H&M Giambattista Valli Collaboration

So, do you all remember that they announced who would be the latest designer collaboration with Giambattista Valli for H&M a month ago? Not only that, H&M then released a preview mini collection in anticipation of the full drop in November? Yeah social media was abuzz back in the last week of May and the H&M website went down for half a day as a result. Well, I managed to grab a few pieces of the up-coming collection, and I’m here to show them to you. Aren’t I nice and lovely in that way? lol

By the time I got through the chaos that was the queue system on the H&M website, the hot pink mini dress was sold out. But I’m kinda glad it did. Kendall Jenner wore the dress, so you know everyone wanted their hands on it. Instead I went for the flouncy top that had a matching skirt. I didn’t quite fancy the skirt, but I did love the accompanying necklace from the collaboration. I liked the idea of mixing some non-collection pieces into this shoot and making it much more my own.

In the end the top was the best choice. I found this fantastic skirt from Coast that matched it more beautifully than the original collection skirt from H&M. I love that the pink hue is almost identical, both are light chiffon and very floaty and the high-low hem on this midi skirt is just the perfect companion.

The top is very boob baring, which is not an issue for girls with a smaller chest than mine. But it did feel a little overwhelming when I bent down. I liked that I got the sparkling stone bow necklace. It drew some of the attention away from my chest. I matched the rest of the outfit with this wonderful mirror and stone encrusted circular bag. It sparkled so nicely in the morning sunshine and matched so well to the necklace. My tie up heels are from Public Desire, though they’re probably sold out already. I did find some great alternatives to them below.

The location chosen for this shoot is the Orangerie in Holland Park, and I honestly couldn’t have found a better location. It was romantic and dreamy, empty in the early morning and had so many beautiful nooks and crannies I’ve ended up with over 20 different images to show you guys on this post. It’s also got this lovely Italian vibe to it, so I know I have to come back for another shoot soon. There are still so many places left to discover.

The last funny thing I wanted to talk to you about was the peacock, who came and planted himself in the frame while I was shooting. He was determined to be caught on camera, even though he pretended to be more interested in eating the leaves of the flowers. But I knew he was as vain as I was in that moment. So, there were the two of us peacocking away. But it was fun! 😊

Outfit Details

Tulle embellished crop top: H&M x Giambattista Valli collaboration, currently sold out

Tulle high low midi skirt: Coast, found here

Sparkling stones bow necklace: H&M x Gimabattista Valli collaboration, currently sold out

Pink tie straps court heels: Public Desire, similar ones found here and here

Crystal embellished round handle-top clutch: ASOS DESIGN, found here

Large cystal covered hair clips: DesignB London, found here


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