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Spring/Summer Lookbook: Scarf Print with River Island

Channelling the era of Gianni Versace with the scarf prints. It’s all about the clashing prints, gold jewellery, over-sized sunnies and attitude. Wallflowers need not apply.

WHAT: The scarf print trend goes by many names; silk prints, chain print, and even vintage prints. Whatever you want to call it, it’s referring to a specific type of print that is vibrant, with lots of detail and colour. Its roots can be both attributed to 80’s era Dynasty clothing to early 90’s Versace prints. In fact it was the latter’s distinctive prints that popularised it in the public consciousness.

Introduced by Versace and copied by brands all over the high street; the scarf print is a big trend again for spring/summer. Expect lots of flowers, chains and paisley prints in the mix. Nothing is too bright, dramatic or clashing for this trend. But if you truly want to pay homage to the designer who started it all, wear it this way. Choose prints with blue and gold accents, oversized and gaudy jewellery and so many accessories. It doesn’t matter what you adorn with the print, be it hats, bags, shoes, trousers or everything in between. Anything really goes. This is all about the summer, exotic getaways and so much sun.

WHO: First made famous by Versace, they have also been seen in the collections of Chloé, Loewe, Etro, Valentino and Marni.

HOW: For me, this trend is all about channelling and celebrating the Gianni era of Versace in all its gaudy glory. It’s about celebrating the original Supers, the big blonde hair and oversized clothes. If you’re not channelling Naomi, Claudia or Cindy, you’re doing something wrong. This trend is not for wallflowers; it’s for those with confidence and attitude.

“The  scarf print is a love letter to the Gianni Versace era of brashness, clashing prints, 90’s supermodels and so much gold!”

THE LOOK: The scarf print trend really is everywhere. You name me a high street store that hasn’t tackled it in one way or another. So, in a way that should have made choosing which high street brand covered the trend for my lookbook a hard choice. But it really wasn’t. River Island understood the essence of the trend better than any other brand I saw. They understood that it was about 90’s excess, gaudy jewellery and prints on everything. Yet it should not look cheap and tacky. And I think with the scarf print items they released, they really managed to pull it off.

Hitting their early summer holiday shoppers with these scarf print items, meant consumers could buy their holiday wardrobe early and still get that exotic feeling while in boring old Britain.


Scarf print shirt: River Island, sold out – Scarf print bodysuit: River Island, found here – Blue denim wicker wedges: River Island, found here – Gold chain necklace: River Island, found here – Leopard print cat-eye sunglasses: River Island, found similar ones found here – Gold shell drop earrings: own


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