The Shoot

The Shoot: Latin Summer, Day 1

I haven’t done a series of shoots yet this year. To be honest, I haven’t done a lot for this blog this year. It’s been a crazy year, what with moving house, work getting even more stressful and taking up other activities such as rugby in my spare time. It has meant that my blog has ended up last on my list of items to do. It’s really annoying, and something I struggle with for years, because I love my blog and the creativity it affords me, but I chose to put real life, career and my family first. As a result I always feel like I’m playing catch-up with my blog. I’m now in my thirties and I know I’m never gonna be one of those super bloggers or influencers, who leaves their regular jobs behind and do this 24/7. That’s okay, because not everyone can be that person. I’m not, and I love my regular life just a little too much. But I do try and get this blog back on track; do post-production on shoots that are less than a month old and actually post this content. Because what’s the point in doing these shoots if no-one ever sees them?

So back to the shoot at hand. I love doing a series of shoots for this blog. It’s something I first stumbled upon many years ago when I done this small series called Poolside Fruit Cocktails and then a few months later with this very small series called Sound of the Underground, but this idea wasn’t really utilised until 2017, when I done my Japanese series, which you can see here. I love the idea of a serialised series of shoots that evoke the same theme, and I’m happy to say I’m back again with a new one. This one won’t be more than 3 shoots, but it’s centred around the idea of a latin summer. Think tropical plants, cuban bars, bright prints and a serious zest for life. It was shot over a series of weeks this summer, so the clothes might still be in the shops! Hurrah! That’s gotta be a new one for me.

The first shoot is this amazing crop top and trousers combo from PrettyLittleThing, who really have become my new go-to online shopping brand. The earrings were from the start of summer and are Zara, so you know they’ll have sold out quickly, and the heels I picked up during the Zara sale too.

There aren’t a lot of images for this shoot, but the ones that are there are punchy and colourful; exactly how you’d imagine a summer in Havana to be. 🙂 London isn’t quite Havana; this bar is a Brazilian bar in Camden, but it was during our heatwave, so it certainly felt like we were in Latin America.

Crop top and trousers: PrettyLittleThing, found here and here – Purple platform sandals: Zara, found here – Tropical pendant earrings: Zara, found here


Eight years in, and still killing this fashion game. Now a mother, wife, professional-by-day and part-time blogger in between, I still love blogging, producing fashion shoots and curating this blog.
My interests lie in producing high editorial-style content, shooting in grand and unique locations, make-up shoots and doing more studio shoots that really push the boundaries.
I'm open to collaborations and ideas, so please message me.

(Achim, Du bist die Ausnahme, also lass den Quatsch)

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