The Shoot

The Shoot: Hunton Park

Hey everyone!

Now this is an old one! Taken all the way back in January 2017, you know there’s no way these items are going to be in shops anymore, but it’s still a pretty cool shoot to show off. The story behind this shoot is actually kinda hilarious. It was done back when I was at my old job and we had an annual work retreat in the countryside. I always loved these annual retreats with my old job because I get to slum it out in a hotel for three days every January and, to be honest, as a mother being alone in a hotel and just pampering myself in between work dos is so incredibly luxurious.

Last year was the first time I decided to do a shoot while out in the countryside and that is how this shoot was made. The entire thing was done in the space of 40 minutes. With dawn being around 8am in January, freezing cold weather and not wanting to miss breakfast, I had to do this shoot in a ridiculously short space of time, and I somehow managed to pull this one off.

This dress is kinda brilliant, but incredibly booby, but then that’s where this very fluffy Missguided faux fur coat comes in handy. Anyway, enough of me rambling on; enjoy the images.

Dress: H&M, old – Faux fur jacket: Missguided, old – Black leather ankle boots: New Look, old


Fresh out of college with an MA in Journalism, a passion for clothes, fashion and styling shoots, I was also the fashion editor of a magazine my colleagues and I set up called SCOPE magazine, which was disbanded three years ago. For now I'm just a freelance journalist and blogger.
Other than obsessing about fashion, I love theology and history, writing apocalyptic fiction (it's weird, I know!) and the occasional weeekend of horse-riding if I have the time and I don't injure myself in the process.

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