Designer vs High Street: Gucci vs River Island

Gucci’s spring/summer 2015 collection was all about the seventies girl, from a glamazon found at Studio54, to hippy chic and working girl. As a result the seventies trend is all over the high street this summer.

So while some high street brands take the ideas and incorporate them into a mass-produced fashion trend, others take the trend and literally replicate it. Case in point this week is Rover Island’s seventies oriental print found on a jacket, a pair of palazzo pants and a shift dress.

Now we could argue that it’s inspired by the Gucci print, but to be honest the two prints are so similar that you could get confused about which brand you’re looking at. Therefore River Island is our high street copycat for this week.

Image courtesy of River Island

Image courtesy of River Island

Designer vs High Street Gucci and River IslandGucci spring/summer 2015 on the left and River Island spring/summer 2015 on the right.



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