Designer versus High street

Designer vs High Street: Nasty Gal vs Céline

This week’s ‘Designer vs High Street’ post features American brand Nasty Gal and French über-chic luxury brand Céline. Both have a single earring they’re selling in their stores, both look ridiculously similar but only one is a copyright original.

Now there’s nothing new about the high street copying designer pieces; it’s how it makes  its money, selling an affordable version of the designer piece. While imitation is the norm for the fashion industry, copyright is not. It’s a fine line between the two and here Nasty Gal probably crossed it. But I leave that opinion up to you.

Céline on the left and Nasty Gal's version on the right. Images courtesy of Imaxtree and
Céline on the left and Nasty Gal’s version on the right. Images courtesy of Imaxtree and



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