Designer vs High Street: Mansur Gavriel vs Forever 21

For the last few weeks I’ve been covering the high street’s sometimes-imitation-sometimes-rip-off of designer pieces, and most of the time there’s enough of a difference between the two for reasonable doubt to be applied in terms of copyright.

Well I can’t really say that about these two bags. They are scarily similar, from the same matte leather, to the drawstring and red interior. In fact if I didn’t know the Forever 21 piece was high street because I sourced the image myself, I’d never believe the price. But here it is, an exact replica for Mansur Gavriel. You really can’t argue with the two images below. Check them out and judge for yourself.

Mansur Gavriel vs Forever 21

Bag on the left is from Forever 21 and the bag on the right is the original bucket bag from Monsur Gavriel. 

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