Designer versus High street

Designer vs High Street; Sophia Webster for J Crew and Primark

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Who knew Primark was so fashion forward? Now they’re pretty fashionable, and I quite like a lot of their stuff, but they’ve never really been in the business of being fashion-forward. They cater to the masses and that is their appeal. So when I first spotted these lovely spotted pumps hitting their shops in April I thought, ‘Oh they’re nice!’

Images courtesy of J Crew and PR Shots
Sophia Webster for J Crew on the left, and Primark on the right. Images courtesy of J Crew and PR Shots

Little did I know that they were actually an imitation of a pair of Sophia Webster for J Crew. Who knew Primark were in the business of imitating designer pieces? That’s usually left to the River Islands, H&Ms, Topshops and the biggest culprit, Zara. I guess Primark are trying to head into the big leagues now. It makes sense in a way, they are expanding faster than anyone expected and they’re planning on moving into the US in the autumn. So why not start early and start imitating some of those American designers.

They’re still cute though, and I might even buy a pair.

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