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The Shoot: Metallic Night

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For today’s ‘Look of the Day’ I present you with the second of the metallic trend shoots done at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich. Though this shoot is a few weeks old by now, it’s a favourite of mine purely just because of its difficulty. Shooting in low light, while trying to keep the background in the shot without washing me out in orange light was a hard thing to do. As a result this shoot took ages to set up and finish, but thankfully the location was gorgeous enough to make up for it.

This is my take on what the metallic trend would look like in day-wear clothing; a lot more casual, subtle and relaxed than the previous post, where I focused more on evening-wear.

IMG_9611 IMG_9681 IMG_9583

The two domes of the Chapel and the Painted Hall are absolutely stunning lit up in the dark of the night and provided a very dramatic background for an outfit so casual.

Thankfully though, the leggings are outrageous enough to keep up with the location. I love the leggings so much; they’re an old favourite from River Island, which I never get to wear as often as I would like. I teamed them with a very old River Island leather jacket that’s silver-grey in colour and fit into the metallic theme and my trusty silver courts from Zara, which have definitely gotten enough wear out of me. The clutch is from an Italian brand called ‘Coco California’ that I picked up in Berlin many years ago and it occasionally comes out and makes an appearance on this blog. It’s such a cute and large clutch that holds almost anything!

IMG_9559 IMG_9592 IMG_9705I love how the Naval College looks out onto Canary wharf just across the river and I was lucky enough to get at least one good shot of the city lit up at night behind me. It’s such a great juxtaposition, to be standing among this place of historical significance and see the future of London just across the river. That’s what I love about the city; there’s such a wonderful mixture of old and new that’s rarely pulled off as well in other cities; Paris jumping to mind. The only other city that managed to merge its past and future so well was Berlin. But I digress.

IMG_9632 IMG_9641 IMG_9634I am in love with my nails here. It’s not often that I get my nails done, what with minding a one-year-old all day and any false nails I put usually get put on get yanked off within two days or the polish is scraped off within a couple of hours. So I was pleasantly surprised with these old-school plastic nails and metallic varnish that lasted almost an entire week! Seems like I found my new nail bar then!

So I hope you like this more laid-back outfit of mine. Let me know what you think in the comments section.

IMG_9725 IMG_9734 IMG_9666 IMG_9766 IMG_9767Jacket: River Island, old season
Leggings: River Island, old season
Top: H&M Trend, old season
Clutch: Coco California
Heels: Zara, old season
Necklace: Jimmy Choo for H&M
Rings: Forever 21 and H&M

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