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H&M Autumn 2012 Sneak Peek

Hello world,

A video previewing the autumn/winter 2012 H&M collection has just dropped and by God am I excited!!! Can we ditch our half-assed summer already and move on to autumn already? I’m sure I’ll change my mind again in about three hours, but seeing this video has made me so excited that I just wanna buy these clothes now!

Have a look at the video I posted below and I also got a few screen grabs of some of the items for closer inspection.

These babies won’t be hitting stores until September, so it’s still a good three month wait.

Sorry I went a little mad with the screen grabs, but I couldn’t help myself. Did you see that bejewelled baseball cap and that white tee with the ‘V’? I’m in love!!!! Not to mention those sequined dresses, those metallic woven trousers and that muted floral print! And that leather waist piece that can only be called some form of belt, How dominatrix!

Okay I’m gonna stop gushing now. Which item is your favourite and what do you think of this new collection?

Until then,



Images and video courtesy of brightcove and H&M


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