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For The Love Of A High Top

Hello world,

Something really rather strange and exciting happened a few days ago. I went and bought a pair of high tops with built in heel from River Island. To explain why this is so strange, let me explain to you my relationship with sports shoes.

To be honest, there is none, because for years I never bought a pair of trainers. It just wasn’t my style and I think the only reason I ever owned a pair of trainers was for gym class in school and then the gym in college, which I deigned to visit about once a year. Honestly, I can’t stand them as a type of shoe; they’re horribly unflattering, make your feet smell and haven’t been in fashion since the eighties.

So when the sportswear trend showed on the catwalks last autumn, I was a little hesitant about them. But somehow over the months they won me over. So I went and bought myself a pair from River Island, and now it’s a case of wondering where I’d ever been without them.

They are so ridiculously comfy, even though there’s a built in heel, they always go with skinny jeans and pair them up with a bright colour block pencil skirt and you’ve got a brilliant take on the sportswear trend. Honestly, I even teamed them up with a baby blue bodycon dress and it still looked amazing. These shoes really can do no wrong!

I’ve got a couple of shoots coming up with the high tops featured in them. In the meantime I’ll just wear them every day.

What do you think of high tops as a trend? Love or loathe?

Until then,




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