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LFW Day 2; people spotting

Hello world,

One of the brilliant things about London Fashion Week is the amount of people watching you can do. All you have to do is plant yourself at the entrance of Somerset House and watch all the famous people walk past.

Now I’m not much on following celebrities, but the intimacy of Somerset House makes the whole thing surprisingly fun. Not to mention you’re only a few steps away from them.

Saturday wasn’t as brilliant as today was in regards to famous people watching, but I was rather proud to snap photos of John Rocha and Paloma Faith.

Hilary Alexander, Fashion Director of the Telegraph

Susie Lau of

So a lot of cool things happened to me today, from running into my old boss, the editor of Irish Tatler, the fabulous Jessie Collins and having Diane Pernet sit down next to me and Jess while we were eating lunch.
Oh my God, Diane Pernet sat down next to us!!! She’s a legend in the fashion world and I especially loved her black turban with accompanying beetle brooches on her head. I was too petrified to grab a photo of her. Celebrities and fellow magazine editors, no problem but I couldn’t do it to Diane.

Paloma Faith looking suitably British and fabulous

Kirsty Allsopp

John Rocha with a fellow blogger Jess

So it was a suitably fabulous day, but I have to head off again. Fashion week is calling…

Until then,




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