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LFW Day 2; Jacob Kimmie Show

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Through my new blogger friend, the wonderful Jess of, we managed to get into the Jacob Kimmie show this afternoon, despite me NOT HAVING A TICKET!!!! I love blagging my way into things and this couldn’t have been better!

So the show was held at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout venue and the title of the show was ‘Rhapsody’ which married the idea of a virginal and pure Catholic girl with a minimalist Baroque modernism. That sounds a bit wordy, but basically Jacob played around with light and dark for his collection.

The only two colours he featureed with an off-white and heavy black and his fabrics were most soft sheer chiffons. While there were ruched blouses and prim midi-length skirts, he also delved into sheer dresses that left nothing to the imagination.

You could also see his religious elements in the show, with a model or two wearing crosses and his use of a graphic dove print for certain skirts and dresses; it was subtle but direct. The icing on the cake for the collection must have been his interpretation of the wedding dress, which consisted of nothing more than a sheer veil and a sheer skirt; the model truly baring all.

The models too were divided into the virginal blondes, the darker brunettes and the black girls who perfectly embodied the dark sophistication he was going for. The juxtaposition of the sheer blouses and the models flashing a hint of nipple was perfectly balanced with the prim and virginal wedding dress of the flashing blonde.

Altogether it was a brilliant collection, perfectly cohesive and wonderful to look at. Not to mention the  rousing classical music gave the whole show an ecclesiastical feel that was again captured in the crosses the girls wore and the graphic dove print used. For me the ending was perfect, when the classical music died down, the lights dropped and a remix of Jay Z featuring Rihanna and ‘Run This Town’ came on.

I’ll be back with more London Fashion Week updates.

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