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Vogue UK adores Adele

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Hands up who’s a fan of Adele? Hands up who’s a fan of Vogue in all its carnations? Now who agrees with me that this really should have happened a LONG time ago? Well I certainly believe this cover is a little late on the uptake, but I’m delighted to see Adele on the cover of British Vogue, in an issue that celebrates British women.

I for one, am a huge fan of Adele and her voice. I love her even more because she won’t conform to the ‘ideal’ ie stick insect. So to see her fronting British Vogue is making me quite proud of her.

Dressed in a custom-made lace Burbery number she looks fabulous and it’s great to see that none of the controversy implying she had been airbrushed are surrounding her this time.

They also released a shot from the editorial shoot done with Adele, which had a slight retro feel to it, perfectly encapsulating her musical style.

Adele herself jokes about her weight, calling herself the ‘full-fat Coke” in the interview. She adds, “I’ve seen people where it rules their lives, who want to be thinner or have bigger boobs, and how it wears them down. And I don’t want that in my life. I have insecurities, of course, but I don’t hang out with anyone who points them out to me.”

(Images courtesy of Catwalk Queen)

Can’t wait for this issue to come out, though I’m not too sure about putting Amy Childs in Vogue…

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  2. Good for Adele, such a beautiful cover, love her.

    Liz Lizo

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