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Zara Autumn/Winter 2011 Preview

Hello world,

Well I’m back at a computer with internet access and I don’t feel like I’m stuck in 1999, before wifi, broadband and high speed internet connections made life so much easier. Besides revelling in the prospect of sneakily reading all my blogs while at work, I’ve been tasked with finding the latest pre-fall collections from all the designers and high street for the August issue of Irish Tatler. And you know what I’ve realised?

I love Zara. I mean I really LOVE Zara! When did this happen? I remember four years ago, shopping in Zara with an old Classics friend and lamenting her taste in high street shops. Back then it had all seemed so drab and old and boring.

When did this change? Did I suddenly become that drab and boring person in the intervening years, or has Zara suddenly become so incredibly amazing, which is why I love it so much now?

The reality is probably a bit of both, and frankly it’s a little depressing, realising you’re growing up and stuff you used to hate you like now.

Either way, I did manage to spot some amazing pieces from their autumn/winter collection that I’m absolutely in love with. Did you see those coloured python boots? They WILL be mine, you mark my words!

Here are the images and let me know what you think of their autumn/winter collection;

Images courtesy of Zara

Until then,




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