Sequins in the summer?

Hello world,

I have a query and a bit of a dilemma I’m hoping you could help me out with. I love sequins, like I REALLY love sequins. I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to them. The outfit could be the most ridiculous thing ever, but I’ll still be drawn to it because of those shiny, plastic small circular things glued and sown all over it.

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In the winter-time it suits me quite fine as it brightens up an outfit, adds a bit of sparkle for those horrible dark months and is seen as important to the party season as the LBD and a pair of skyscraper heels.

In the summer though…

Shops for one never sell good sequined outfits in the summer, no-one wears them and I’m left with a great desire to pull out a sequined dress but stop when I think of the looks I would get.

It’s incredibly unfair!!!

So this is my question. Should I wear sequined outfits in the summer or would I just blind everyone in sight. Also what type of outfits could I get away with?

Until then,





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