Which one to choose?

Hello world,

I’m not the first person to become infatuated with the Cambridge Satchel Company. I’ve spotted them all over the fashion blogs for the last few months, and at €130 a piece they’re pretty cheap too.

Combined with this season’s penchant for brights and neons, these babies are hotter than a Jil Sander skirt.

I absolutely adore them, but I can’t make up my mind which colour I want. I love the neon green, but the bright pink from Urban Outfitters keeps luring me over.

So this is my question. Which colour should I pick?

Until then,





4 thoughts on “Which one to choose?

  1. I’ve got the multicoloured batchel in Vintage & Navy because I wanted my first CSC bag to be a traditional colour! I am digging the patent blue turquoise but that’s already sold out on Asos…what did you pick in the end? 🙂
    – Peaches

    1. Hi Peaches,

      Oh I ended up going for the neon green satchel, because I thought it would go best with my blonde hair and not be too obvious.
      They are fabulous bags, aren’t they?

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