The coolest iPhone app around

Hello world,

There’s no doubt whatsoever that the iPhone is the coolest phone around. There’s no doubt that some of the apps released for it are naff and brilliant at the same time.

But for any serious fashionista with a penchant for the latest gadgets and a wardrobe overflowing with items, the Closet app is the best invention ever!


Not only can you take pictures of items and categorise them, but you can create outfits, plan trips and what to pack and even let it create random outfits for you.

This has definitely helped out with finding a new outfit for the next day and the brilliant thing is I don’y forget what’s hidden in the back of my wardrobe anymore!

This baby is going to be my new best friend preparing for my trip abroad next week. Not only has iPhone been a great saviour again, but the apps they release just get better and better.

Now i’m off to create even more outfits with my iPhone…



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