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New lust item – River Island red shredded maxi dress

Hello world,

I am in love! Not with any boy but with a dress I found in work today, hidden among the ‘Last Chance to Buy’ rail where no-one spotted it.

River Island red shredded maxi dress

This picture I pulled of the River Island website really doesn’t do it justice, but trust me it looks to die for! So now I just have to wait until I get paid and it will be mine! I was quite surprised to spot this dress still in store as I had originally spotted it in Look magazine for the shoot they had for their 16th July 2010 issue.

The shoot was called “Into the Wild” and photographed by Molly Alice and styled by the Look fashion editor Hannah Hughes. I’ve admired her work in Look magazine for many years and as usual her ability to create devastatingly beautiful shoots with the most mundane high street pieces is amazing. The model is Teresa Moore. I took a photo of the shoot from the magazine, so unfortunately the quality isn’t the best.

Here is the image;


Look magazine "into the wild" shoot (16th July 2010)

Look magazine, Into the Wild shoot

Photographer Molly Alice

Fashion Hannah Hughes

Make-up Jose Bass

Hair Mark Hampton for Taylor Taylor

Model Teresa Moore for Union

Fashion Assistant Kate Andrews


The price is a bit steep, costing €107.50, but I’ve got a SCOPE Christmas bash coming up in a week and a half, and even though I was going to wear my new Lanvin for H&M dress, this would be so much more stunning!

Until then,




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  1. Oh my God that red dress is so beautiful! Where can I get it???

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