Mary Katrantzou and Adidas: A New Match Made In Heaven

Hello world, Well this was unexpected. I didn’t think I’d be getting two major collaborations of my favourite designers with high street brands this close together. But it looks like Mary Katrantzou’s latest collaboration is with sports giant Adidas. And just when I was getting around to buying those expensive …

Oh Maria! Mary Katrantzou for Topshop final images

Oh Maria! Mary Katrantzou for Topshop final images

Hello world, You all know I’ve been looking forward to the Mary Katrantzou for Topshop collection for quite a while now. She is one of the most exciting print designers around and the fact that she’s British makes her even more cool in my eyes. Well I’ve been waiting with …

A Mary Katrantzou dreamland

A Mary Katrantzou dreamland

Hello world,

I came across these beautiful images of Mary Katrantzou pieces and it’s made me even more excited for the new Topshop collaboration. H&M might win with the big names they pull in every year, but I doubt even they can beat the clout that this Topshop collaboration brings when it drops in the springtime.

So I was rather excited when I came across these paintings by Erik Madigan Heck.

Erik Madigan Heck, a New York based photographer has not only photographed the entire collection, he has also created these hyper real images that show of the print and bold colours that make a Mary Katrantzou piece.

You should check out his previous series with Mary Katrantzou, “Surreal Planes” done with the autumn/winter 2011 collection.

I so can’t wait for the Topshop collaboration. What do you guys think of the paintings?



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