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25 Cheerful Spring Items to Boost the Coronavirus Blues

Let’s face it; this global pandemic sucks a little. After about a week of being in social isolation for most Western countries, the novelty is probably starting to wear off a little for you all. I certainly know it is for me. I’m really starting to miss my friends and being able to go anywhere, and I’m an introvert! I can’t even fathom how the extroverts of the world are taking it.

Life is weird, and hard and a little lonely right now. We’re all trying to balance our mental health with finances and possibly working from home. And the whole thing sucks a little. 

So I want to spread a little more joy, in my own little way. Over the next few weeks I’ll post more and more little articles, outtakes, old shoots and other bits and bobs to keep us all entertained, because I think we can all do with some light relief. 

That is what this post is all about. It’s nice and simple; has some fun GIFs, lots of links to cool items to shop and maybe it’ll cheer you up a little. It certainly cheered me up making this. 🙂

Below are 25 spring items with not a single black item in sight. They are grouped into 5 different trends, for you to peruse and enjoy. 

Dainty Whites

Because, how could you cover spring without mentioning whites? Here are my top 5 picks for dainty spring whites, to add a breezy element to your wardrobe. Links to all the items are in the individual images below.

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Fragrant Florals

As Miranda Priestly once said in the Devil Wears Prada, “Florals for spring; how shocking.” They might not be anything groundbreaking, but there’s nothing more joyful than wearing such a bright print when the first flowers are coming into bloom.

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Pops of Colour

After the long winter months, and the seemingly endless winter storms we had in Britain, it’s nice to wear bright colours again. Put aside your blacks and embrace the bright hues. 

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Shoes, shoes, shoes!

You know what always makes me happy? Shoes, and lots of them! If you’re a shoeaholic, nothing will cheer you up quicker than a fabulous new pair to wear, even if it’s just in your living room. Have a look at the selection below and get inspired.

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Spring Leather

Honestly who would have thought that bright leather and faux leather pieces could be such an amazing trend for spring/summer? I certainly didn’t but I’m totally embracing the trend for the sheer audacity of it all. Here are my 5 favourites right now, and maybe you’ll fall in love with the trend too. 

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