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Spotlight On: Woven Bags

It’s rare that one designer brand could have such a monumental impact on the trends in the high street, than Bottega Veneta have had in the last year. While this brand has always been a bit of a sleeper brand; favoured by those who love luxury and elegance without the usual gaudiness of shouting out their brand identity or even partaking in these short-term trends. The reality is, when it comes to big trends, the spotlight of the fashion industry wasn’t typically on this Italian brand.

So, when a young, and at times viewed as a slightly inexperienced, designer like Daniel Lee took over the storied brand, no-one knew he would prove to be as successful as he did.

But here we are and you can’t go anywhere without seeing a square toe sandal, an oversized calf leather belt, the dumpling-style bags, neutral basics in leather or padded leather bags. And it’s the latter we are going to look at today, because by God have the high street really embraced this trend.

Bottega Veneta, to give you a little history lesson, have always been known for their woven leather bags, which are called the intrecciato weave. It took Lee’s reimagining of this classic technique by making the bags padded, the weave larger and in an array of bright and muted colours. Fashion editors, celebrities and influencers jumped all over these bags. It was only a matter of time before they filtered down to the high street and the iterations we have below.

Enjoy the list below of high street, mid-price market and high end versions of a woven bag.

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