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Spring/Summer Lookbook: Utility with H&M

If you’ve been following fashion at all, you would know that this military-inspired trend is everywhere for the upcoming season. Since our lives are so busy these days and we often have to multi-task, so too should our clothes.

WHAT: The utility is the epitome of fashion and function being merged into one cohesive trend. If you’re less about the frills and more interested in comfort and well-fitting, then this is the trend for you. But utility this season is so much more than just the colour khaki. It encompasses many micro and macro trends under one umbrella. Everything from boiler-suits, the colour beige, cargo pants, lots of pockets and the combat print fall into this trend. It allows you to change and morph this trend to suit your own personal tastes. While major elements of the trend are beige (arguably the hottest colour from the runways for this season) and minimalist utilitarian items. Do remember, to adhere to this trend doesn’t just mean you need to wear minimalist beige jumpsuits.

Ultimately this trend is all about functionality and how to make your clothes work for your busy lives. The best example of this is the simple boiler-suit. It comes in casual, workwear and smart, laden with pockets, in a variety of colours. Bags are not a high priority, because almost everything can be stashed in your pockets. They’re also incredibly comfortable to wear.

WHO: Variations of the utility trend have popped up on the runways of Fendi, Dries Van Noten, Isabel Marant, Givenchy, Loewe, Hermès and Sies Marjan.

HOW: The three main ways to wear this trend is to wear either khaki, boiler-suits, beige minimalism. These are the three main ways the high street has interpreted the trend for the masses. Within that there is an incredible range to choose from. If you wish to go down the khaki route, get a simple utility shirt in khaki, match with dark skinny jeans and a good pair of combat boots. Khaki is best worn in shirt or dress shirt form, though H&M do a great pair of utility jeans with side pockets in khaki too. The next way to wear the trend is to get a boiler-suit.

They come in a variety of colours and shapes, though they usually look best when cinched in at the waist with a brown belt, some heels to balance out your legs and the waist dropping and a backpack to finish the outfit off. the third way is to wear minimalist beige items that are loose, have a boxy cut and at least a couple of large pockets on them. A beige co-ord that is loose fitting with wide leg pants will always look flattering.

“Fashion has become tough and functional in this trend. Combining militaristic tones, an abundance of pockets and rich colours, to create 2019’s take on the utility trend.”

THE LOOK: Utility really has been ubiquitous this season. Everywhere you go on the high street there’s a take on it. Whether it’s through a heavy use of the colour khaki and beige, whether you’re finding boxy cuts and an abundance of pockets on an item, or whether you’re just noticing more functional clothing. Utility is everywhere and nearly every brand has tackled it. But the brand that I think tackled the trend the best was H&M.

They understood that it’s less about the military aspects of the utility trend, and more about functional, comfortable clothes in earthy colours. They embraced the jumpsuit trend with many variations, built some really amazing shirts with pockets and produced some great functional dresses, like the one in my outfit. Simply put, they offered the best variety with the nicest cuts for this trend. For a trend that focuses so much on comfort and functionality, fit and the quality of the fabrics is paramount. And they delivered.

The final outfit I styled is not your usual utility outfit. Tried not to overload the outfit with khaki, and I thought long and hard about utilising a jumpsuit here, but decided against it. I wanted to embrace the functionality of this trend more than its military side. I wanted warm, earthy colours and a good fit to be the primary focus of this outfit. The dress comes in two colours, and is stylish and very flattering on the figure. The utility shirt is made of stiff cotton, a rich colour and a great cut. I accessorised the outfit with warm brown pieces, like these leather ankle boots, the suede cross-body bag and a brown leather belt. The final outfit is rich, comfortable and has enough of a springtime element to suit this season.

Light yellow midi dress: H&M, found here – Khaki linen utility shirt: H&M Conscious, found here – Brown leather belt: H&M, found here – Brown leather ankle boots: H&M, found here – Small brown suede crossbody bag: H&M, found here


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