Spotlight On: Key autumn pieces

What is an outfit without accessories, and what is a statement outfit without those key pieces to make it stand out? Let’s face it accessories make or beak an outfit; a fabulous pair of shoes will tie an entire outfit together, a decent handbag dresses up any ensemble and a select piece of jewellery will transform you from day to night.

So I’ve compiled a handy list of  some of the key accessories for this season and to make it even easier for you, categorised them into the different trends for autumn/winter. Have a good drool about these pieces, because they really are beautiful!

Eighties revival

Who doesn’t love the eighties trend in stores this season? It’s all about being a glamazon in shiny, bright pieces and skyscraper stiletto heels for this is the decade that gave us the iconic shoes.

Return of Folk

Boho is a trend that just won’t die; everytime you think it’s over it makes a resurgence. For this season we’re all about dark earthy colours, leather pieces and a hint of 70’s to them.

All Things 70’s

The 70’s are known for a lot of things; disco fever, big curls, the colour brown and plenty of snake-print. Both of these items will tick that box and the added bonus is those heels are platform sandals too!

Graphic Art Prints

Geometric prints ruled the runways for autumn/winter and these two shoes will perfectly fit into this trend, no matter what your price point is.

A Gothic Romance

This trend is all about celebrating Victoriana in dark colours, clean lines and a hint of embellishment. What could be more Gothic than this white bib collar and those sturdy black ankle boots?

Geek Chic

The geek ruled the runway this season, so let out your inner nerd with some round spectacles, beanie hats and lots of mish-mash in your clothes. This trend lives on breaking all the usual style rules.

Coloured Fur

Faux fur is always popular in the autumn months, and while coloured fur is nothing new, this season we’re all about mixing a few colours together in the one item. The end result is a riot of colours to take us through the dreary winter months.

Velvet Underground

Who would have thought that such a difficult material to wear would become so popular? Yet velvet is back in fashion, and this time it’s less 80’s Dynasty and more about velvet accents to your outfits.

60’s Princess

The 60’s trend is back in fashion, but it’s taken on a very specific spin. This season it;s not just about mini skirts, but the 60’s princess; a WASPish young woman with loafer heels, structured jackets and suits. She is prim and proper, quite conservative in her style and very snooty. Fab!

High Shine

The high shine trend is back this autumn, and it doesn’t mater if you wear sequins, glitter, shiny materials or just accent your outfit with a bit of detail. This season it’s all about standing out from the crowd and if you do it wearing something shiny then the better.


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