Spotlight On: Metallic Bags

I do have a tendency to act like a magpie whenever there’s shiny things around. Anyone who has read my blog for a while will know this isn’t a new phenomenon. What can I say sparkly, shiny objects just make me happy.

New Look is an odd brand; there were quite a few years where I barely ever shopped in their stores, and it seemed that every collection they brought out just didn’t get me excited. But somehow I’ve started liking their clothes and accessories again. To be honest, accessory-wise I’m kinda relieved because their shoes were always great quality and they had cute bags.

So it’s nice to see that I’m getting excited about their range of metallic bags and clutches for spring/summer 2015. They’re all so shiny and colourful and I had the backpack in white last spring and it really is a great piece. Looks like I can now pick up its metallic cousin. Yay!



Images courtesy of New Look and

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