Spotlight On: Statement jewellery

I love my jewellery like the next girl, often more so as I tend to act like a magpie when I see something sparkly and bright and very pretty. So you can imagine how much I love it when every season, there’s a new type of statement jewellery that hits the shops. There’s nothing prettier in my eyes than bright colours, bold designs and lots of it!

There’s two things that I consistently buy in New Look, and those are a quality pair of heels at a great price and something from their jewellery section. Sure others might call them too big and tacky, but I’ve somehow never come across a piece of New Look jewllery that I didn’t love.

So to highlight their fantastic jewellery range, I thought I’d shoot them in a wine glass full of brightly coloured sweets. There really is nothing sweeter than some candy and a great necklace. IMG_4431 IMG_4436

New Look statement necklace and flower bracelet, similar ones found here and here


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