The Details: Christian Louboutin Fifi heels, River Island clutch, H&M Trend socks and Hermés H bangle

I have an odd collection of accessories in my possession. Take for example these Fifi Christian Louboutin pumps, that looked so cute at the time, but I regretted the purchase a few months later and now they just sit in the back of my closet.

Similar with this River Island clutch from a fee years ago that really became dated with age.

The point I’m trying to make is not everything in my collection was a smart or good buy. I, like so many other women am capable of impulse buying and being left with the item for years to come because I feel too guilty to just throw the items away or bring them to a charity shop. It’s funny what you keep a hold or and what you dispose of. So for now these rather low Christian Louboutin heels will stay in my possession with the nice-but-dated clutch until I finally learn to let go.

It must also be noted my Hermès bracelet is definitely NOT an impulse buy and I still treasure it every day.

IMG_3875Black patent Fifi pumps 85mm: christian Louboutin, found here – Woven clutch: River Island – Gold sparkly socks: H&M Trend – ‘H’ enamel bracelet: Hermés, found here

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