Designer versus High street What I bought

My Versace for H&M dress, a week late.

Hello world,

I wanted to share with you my purchase I got today and the story behind it. As you can tell by the picture it’s a Versace for H&M dress from the collection that was launched last Thursday. I work part-time in H&M, for those of you not in the know, and as you can imagine I worked on the day that the collection was launched.

To say the day was busy and mad was an understatement and I was treated to the most hilarious and worst of humanity. Oh how everyone goes crazy for designer. I won’t bore you with the work itself or how manic it was, but I will tell you the story of my quest for a few Versace items.

I’ve been obsessed with this dress and the Versace choker necklace with the leopard head on it since I first spotted them. I memorised where we placed them on the shop floor and the entire day I kept a watchful out for those two items. So far they hadn’t sold out. I couldn’t just buy them as I didn’t have the money and we wouldn’t get paid until a week later, so I spent an entire week keeping a watchful eye out for those items to be returned. My work colleagues had to listen to me whinging about it for an entire week and they were given strict instructions that if the necklace in particular (as it had sold out by Friday evening) was to be returned again, I wanted it.

Then I had an awful day in work yesterday and lo and behold a customer comes up to my till and is holding the necklace I want in her hand, wanting to buy it. Having to sell it to her myself was absolutely sickening, but I still had the dress I wanted waiting for me out on the floor.

I walk into work this afternoon on my day off and immediately head towards the back where we keep the excess Versace dresses of the styles no-one wants to pick up my dress. But it’s gone. About ready to cry, I head back out onto the floor and frantically search for it. Finally I spot a woman holding it in her hand, examining my dress next to the knitwear section and I deftly make my way over to her, pretending to examine a chunky cardigan. Thankfully she put the dress down and I quickly snatched it up and raced towards the till.

And that is how I finally got my dress. The necklace, I doubt I’d get another opportunity to buy it, other than going on ebay and paying an extortionate price for it, but at least I have the dress. I can’t wait to wear it in an outfit post and show it to you guys.

By the way, here’s an insider tip for you all. If you want a piece from the next designer collaboration, don;t get up ridiculously early, queue for hours and then fight tooth and nail with the other women for the item you want. Wait 5-6 days and then go back into the shop as most people will be returning half of what you bought and that’s when you can get it at half the stress and a whole lot less effort. If you’re really cheeky hang around the evening-time of the final day of returns and you’re bound to get something good.

For now, I’m going to go. Did you buy anything from the Versace collection and if you did, tell me your story.

Until then,




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  1. OMG its soo pretty(: I have to go buy one. Great post(;

  2. Glad you got the dress, I’m waiting impatiently for mine to be delivered atm!! I had my eye on that leopard head leather necklace too!! But unfortunately they didn’t stock the collection in my local H&M store and I was unable to get it online 🙁

  3. Fabulous dress.. Donatella did a great collection.
    Lee x

  4. lol what an stressful week you had waiting for the dress!!, it’s beautiful, so worth it!

  5. […] the Day post was a lot of fun to make and I had been dying to shoot this dress ever since I got it here. So I finally got the chance when I was back home in the West of Ireland staying at my Mum’s […]

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