Inspiration for ‘The Shoot’ Orange Crush

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In today’s inspiration post I thought I’d show you the concept behind yesterday’s ‘Look of the Day’ Orange Crush. It has quite a bit of inspiration coming from some very diverse places, so I’ll try and explain it easily. Here’s an image of the shoot just to remind us of the finished product.


The first thing that really inspired and influenced this shoot was Zara’s ‘Orange Mood’ trend that they focused on their website a couple of weeks ago. Here’s a screen grab of the image.

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

This is probably what set me off on the idea in the first place. I just love the strong colour; it’s not quite orange and not quite yellow but somewhere in between. This season, as we see so often in spring, the tendency is to go for muted shades of colour and pastels and I loved that this went against the grain. That and I’ve always been a fan of Zara’s clean lines and simplistic style, and this was no exception. I just had to have something of this collection. I naturally went for the trousers, as I always do shorts and the coat was a bit long for my taste. I am 5’3″ and long coats generally swamp me, so the only thing left were the trousers, and frankly I really don’t do enough shoots with trousers in them!

The second thing that inspired the shoot are two editorial shoots from Elle Denmark April 2013 and Elle Vietnam December 2011. Both feature orange and both really put the emphasis on the colour, which I loved.

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

And the last image that helped inspire the shoot was this one shot from Harpers Bazaar China, July 2012. I love the combination of the orange backdrop and the cold blue dress, and it shows what a brilliant match blue and orange are. Zara done this a bit too in their ‘Orange Mood’ trend, but Harpers Bazaar China were the ones that really put the oomph into the colour combination. It brought about the idea of using my old royal blue coat in the shoot and I’m really glad that I did as it really makes the colours pop.

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

The last thing to inspire the shoot was the No Doubt album Tragic Kingdom. I love the cover with Gwen Stefani holding the orange to symbolise Orange county where they’re from and where the album was recorded. It was this image of Gwen holding the orange that made me think of incorporating that into the shoot.

No Doubt Tragic Kingdom


So that’s how I came up with the ‘Orange Crush’ shoot. What do you think?

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