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The Carey Mulligan cover that keeps on giving

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This is an interesting piece of news. When the November issue of French Elle was released the fashion crowd started wondering if they had seen the image before.

In fact it was and and that noticed the similarity. In fact the original image had been first used by US Vogue for their October 2010 issue, when they featured Carey Mulligan for the first time. They were shot by famed fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh, just after he came back from his 18 year hiatus.

It’s somewhat normal to reuse shoots for different magazines under the same publishing house. This is quite common as cover shoots are expensive and time consuming, as we can see with German Glamour using the same image for their December 2010 issue.

But then why did the same image show up on the cover of French Elle over a year later, on the cover of not only a rival magazine but part of a rival publishing house. Vogue and Glamour are part of Condé Nast, while Elle is part of Hachette Filippachi.

Image courtesy of Huffington Post

So how did that happen? While fashionista asked whether the move was legal, I personally think it’s more likely that the photographer kept the rights to the images and sold them on to those magazines who wanted them.

What do you think about this whole scenario?

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