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Presents in the Office

Hello world,

Well I had a particularly fun day at work today! Doing all the work that had piled up for me over the weekend, which I wasn’t able to do because of a lack of internet wasn’t that great, but I had two surprises today.

Firstly, the ladies from the Ted Baker press office in London came over to Ireland and paid a visit to us in Harmonia to show us their autumn/winter collection. I didn’t get a chance to grab a few photos as it would have looked odd in a room with six other people. It’s quite country heritage in themed, with lots of luxurious silks and and bright colours. It’s nice to see that they’re keeping up with the colour blocking trend of spring/summer as it’s one of my favourite trends.

Well here’s the goodie bag we each got, so I’m quite pleased about that. And there’s a new wallet in there, which will come in handy when mine finally breaks.


Then to top it all off, I get a parcel couriered in from Tommy Hilfiger. I got a parcel!!!! I didn’t think other people were aware that we interns even existed, and here I am getting packages all for myself! I feel so proud right now, that the PR companies have started taking notice of me, five months in of me constantly flooding them with emails about the most banal of things.

I got a beach towel and a backgammon game, which will come in handy for whenever I go abroad on holiday. But seeing as I’m broke and only a poor little intern, I’ve a feeling I’ll be waiting a few years!!!

So that was my day. I hope you guys had a fun day too.

Until then,




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