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Hello world,

You guys are probably already aware of my love of H&M and statement jewellery pieces. Anything shiny and sparkly and I turn into a magpie for them! Well I came across this gorgeous H&M necklace a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it!

Image courtesy of connectedtofashion.creatorsofdesire.com

But while it has great potential, the part I loved about the necklace, the three rows of coloured stones was far too short for my liking and the necklace did hang a little too low to sit comfortably on your collarbone. In short it had potential, but just wasn’t enough. So it was time to go a little DIY on the baby and turn it into what I really wanted. I ended up buying two of the same necklace and I spent a very finnicky lunch hour with a  pair of tweezers, joining both necklaces to create a longer row of the yellow stones.

And this is the result!

As you can see I also shortened the end pieces so it sits on your collarbone, as opposed to hanging down and I think it’s so much nicer this way. Considering I only spent £20 in total, I think it’s a great piece. It’s also very Erickson Beamon, in that it really reminds me of costume jewellery, which has got to be my favourite kind.

DIY Necklace: H&M

The one annoying thing about this gorgeous necklace is that EVERYBODY asks me where I got it from. I get stopped on the street by people! I love it to bits and I’m usually wearing it into work almost every day, but it gets a bit tiring telling people ‘it’s from H&M and no, I don’t know where they’re still selling them’.

But it’s a small price to pay. So what do you guys think of the DIY. Do you prefer the original or is this one your favourite?

Until then,



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