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Linen, the Summer Staple and How to Wear It

Summer is fast approaching, and even though we are all still mostly stuck in our houses, doesn’t mean we can’t try and keep up with the trends. And it looks like we might be getting a particularly hot summer this year in Britain, so we’re going to need some cool clothing. So what could be better for summer, than linen and lots of it!

I never used to get the big deal of linen when I was younger; it seemed a very old-fashioned fabric in my eyes, and I lived in Dublin where dressing to keep cool during hot weather was a rare occurrence. As a result of getting older, I began appreciating quality fabrics more. I started to understand what the fuss was regarding linen, and why people rave about it. It keeps you cool, is a natural fabric and incredibly comfortable to wear.

Linen is also one of those fabrics that’s perfect for when you want to go for a more muted colour palette, because most linen fabrics are a shade of beige. That’s not to say there’s aren’t some bright and colourful options out there for those colour fiends. I’ve tried to collate a list below that will make both camps happy.

My top tips for finding and wearing linen items are:

  • Firstly, go for loose fits as linen is not about the bodycon trend. Linen more often than not creases easily, so the last thing you want is creased fabric that clings to your figure.
  • Secondly, don’t go for a linen blend. It has to be either 100% linen, or possibly mixed in with regular cotton. Mixing in polyester or other man-made fabrics is going to completely defeat the purpose of the fabric, which is to keep you cool. Only natural, breathable fabrics do that, so if a plastic fabric is mixed in with it, you’re going to sweat more.
  • Thirdly, remember that linen is an inherently casual fabric. This is not the fabric if you want to go to a bar for cocktail hour, or walk into a professional boardroom. Linen works best in casual wear so bear that in mind. Choose items in a warm earthy tone, details that allow you to cinch in your waist to hide some of the creases, and add details like buttons to lift the fabric.

Hopefully these tips will help you find the perfect linen items for your wardrobe. The good news is that finding quality linen items doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune. All it really requires is reading the care label and keeping your eye out on the high street.

Below is I have collated a list of some of the best linen items I’ve found all over the high street from a variety of different brands and price-points for you to shop. Just click on the image itself for a link to the item

So, here’s to the fabric of the summer, and all the different ways we can wear it.

Mango linen suit jacket
Equipment linen shirt
Castaner linen espadrille wedges
Faithfull the Brand yellow trousers
Arket linen wrap dress
Faithfull the Brand lime green shirt
Michael Michael Kors peach linen shorts
Nicholas crop linen top
Remain Birger Christensen pink trousers
Reiss linen black dress
Whistles white linen dress
People Tree linen orange dress
Arket stone linen shirt
& Other Stories linen shorts
& Other Stories linen blazer
Staud pink linen trousers
Staud linen pink top
Whistles stone linen jumpsuit


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