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The Article: How To Get The FROW Look For LFW

What does it mean to have a front row (FROW) style? And how do you get the street photographers at fashion week to pay attention to you and what you’re wearing? The FROW look is something indescribable, a certain “je ne sais quoi” to how you hold and dress yourself. Most of us won’t have Karl Lagerfeld (or Maria Grazia Chiuri for the last few seasons) on your phone and a lend of the coolest items around. So how do you pull it off and look as cool as the influencers, socialites and fashion experts? That’s a certain something very hard to define, but we do know what has been a hit with the street photographers for many years now. No matter the fashion trends of every season, you can be guaranteed that certain things will always catch the photographers’ eye and lens.

FROWing is all about peacocking and being too cool to peacock; and it’s getting this contradiction down to a T is what it means to nail the FROW look. Here are my ten pointers on what’s coming into fashion for spring/summer 2019 that are guaranteed to get you noticed.

1. Clashing prints

There is nothing more eye-catching for a photographer’s lens than clashing prints, that are so strong they make your eyes hurt. They’re loud, bold and mad. It also take a supreme amount of confidence to wear them, and when you do, it really shows. No wonder the camera lenses love them.

2. Neons

Neon is a new trend to hit the street fashion scene. While the trend has never been as prevalent as it has for the last two seasons, but there’s something about a flashing neon colour to catch the eye of the photographers. You can pair it down with a simple check suit, or go all out and add as many neon brights into one outfit as is possible.


3. Statement shoes

This is one of those rules that applies no matter the fashion trends currently hot right now. Have a killer pair of shoes that make you stand out, and just watch as the photographers and gawkers come over with their iPhones to photograph you.

4. Bright colour combinations

The same rule for clashing prints applies here too. Taking bright rainbow colours and mixing them up is a fantastic way to be eye-catching. It’s also a really fun to walk around in such bright and happy colours.


5. Expensive bags

Pricey bags are a no-brainer for any FROW outfit. Generally the rule is, the more of an it-bag the better, and preferably hard to source and expensive. This is not for everyone, but that’s why vintage bags are seriously back in fashion again.

6. Couture

Now, the chances of you having access to couture items are probably pretty slim, so this pointer isn’t going to work for most people. But it’s a sure-fire way to grab the attention of fashion photographers and street stye gawkers. But if you don’t have access to gowns from the storied houses, why not dress like your outfit is couture anyway?

7. Clothes mish-mash

A great way to be eye-catching at fashion week is to be able to pull off that knack of throwing random items of clothing together and making it work. The best example of someone who really pulls this off is Susie Lau of Susie Bubble. She is able to effortlessly mix the most disparate items of clothing, like a tutu skirt, a pair of jeans and a turtleneck. It doesn’t always work, but if you manage to pull this one off, you will definitely get attention.

8. Sequins

In a way, sequins are a no-brainer for achieving the FROW look. They’re bright, flash when they catch the light and just light up when a camera flash goes off or the sun hits them. Sure you’ll end up looking like a disco ball, but isn’t that kind of the point? People will pay attention to you if you walk around with an item of clothing that’s shiny, metallic and sparkly.

9. Tie Dye

We can thank the resurgence of all things nineties for the rise of this trend. And that’s why tie dye is a sure-fire way to get photographers’ attention. It’s unusual, bright, not everyone is going to wear this, so you’re sure to stand out.

10. Fringing and feathers

The final pointer for how to achieve the perfect FROW outfit is to wear feathers or fringing. It doesn’t matter if it’s in fashion or not, because as soon as you move you’ll understand why street style photographers love it. Plus it means that you’re literally peacocking for the cameras.


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