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The Shoot: The Scarlet Woman, part 3

The third in the series of The Scarlet Woman was shot in the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich. For the third in the series, I thought I’d switch it up a little bit. Not only is the location back in Greenwich, but the dress is shorter, with a fun twenties feel to it. This outfit is a little more playful than the other two, and it becomes quite evident in the images taken.

A scary incident happened while doing this shoot. My camera was dropped onto the slab floor, lens first and for a good twenty minutes I honestly believed that my camera was finally broken. It would only take pure black images, and it took some scary fiddling, but we managed to realign the mirrors inside the body. I honestly can’t believe my camera survived it. It’s like over 14 years old, and it still works, even when you drop it face first onto a stone floor. They sure don’t built DSLRs like they used to.

So, a little bit more about the outfit. The dress is from a brand called A Star Is Born that I always see on ASOS, and because they seem quite pricey I hadn’t ever purchased anything of them. Having bought this red dress, I can honestly say, I’d be hesitant to buy another dress from their collection. You see, the images on ASOS didn’t show that the fringing and beading on the front, were only on the front of the dress. And considering it cost over £150, I honestly didn’t think I’d have to worry about the detailing being only on the front. This is what you get of cheaper brands; not on dresses that cost in excess of a hundred quid! So that was disappointment number one. The second disappointment came from the fact that the stretch cotton underneath was actually quite fine and flimsy and not half as thick and heavy as the photos made it out to be. Now it photographs nicely, but overall I did find the dress to be quite a let-down in person. For Instagram it may be fine, but not for an actual party or wedding that you’d wear this to.

The shoes on the other hand are amazing, and I did love them, and the headband from Johnny Loves Rosie was a serious hit when I posted a teaser image of this shoot on my Instagram. To be honest, I can totally see how; it’s adorable and worked so well for this shoot.

So, the dress may have been a disappointment, but overall, the images and outfit look really nice in this shoot.

Dress: A Star is Born, found here – Embellished red block heels: ASOS DESIGN, found here – Velvet headband: Johnny Loves Rosie, found here


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