The Shoot

The Shoot: Smithfield Market

Hello world,

There isn’t a lot of explanation needed for today’s post. It’s been a while since I done a casual outfit, something that I would wear on a regular day and I thought it was high time. It’s also a good time to show off my new boyfriend jeans, which were a nightmare to find! Trying to find a decent pair of boyfriend jeans that someone who is short and pear shaped can pull off is a hard feat, and I might do a post on that in the future, but for now let’s just bask in the glow you get from wearing a good fitting pair of jeans. Team them with your new go-to pair of sandals (I have got to get a new pair of shoes!) and your trusty Hermès Constance and you’re set for the day.

Though a small note to self is needed; Franzi stop pouting so much and smile! 🙂

IMG_1386 IMG_1399 IMG_1382 IMG_1430 IMG_1447 IMG_1425 IMG_1460 IMG_1411

Silk top: H&M Trend, current season found here (on sale too!)
Leather jacket: River Island, old
Jeans: River Island, current season found here
Heels: New Look, current season found here (on sale too!)
Necklace: H&M Trend, current season
Bangles: Hermès ‘H’ gold enamel bracelet in red and orange
Bag: Hermès Constance in fuchsia

Until then,




Fresh out of college with an MA in Journalism, a passion for clothes, fashion and styling shoots, I was also the fashion editor of a magazine my colleagues and I set up called SCOPE magazine, which was disbanded three years ago. For now I'm just a freelance journalist and blogger.
Other than obsessing about fashion, I love theology and history, writing apocalyptic fiction (it's weird, I know!) and the occasional weeekend of horse-riding if I have the time and I don't injure myself in the process.

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