The Shoot: Dancing in Versace and Wellies

Hello world,

This Look of the Day post was a lot of fun to make and I had been dying to shoot this dress ever since I got it here. So I finally got the chance when I was back home in the West of Ireland staying at my Mum’s cottage and it was so much fun! It was cold, it kept threatening to rain, not to mention freezing, but I had Britney Spears blasting in the background and it became a whole load of fun.

The wellies were mum’s idea and even though I should have added my nicest shoes to the outfit, especially for this Versace for H&M beauty, I would just be like everyone else. Tell me, who else shoots themselves dancing in the middle of the bog in wellies wearing this dress?

Dress: Versace for H&M
Leather jacket: A Wear
Cuff: Hermés Collier de Chien
Bracelet: Thrifted
Ring: Stolen of Mum

So what do you guys think? Did it work?

Until then,




One thought on “The Shoot: Dancing in Versace and Wellies

  1. Sure it worked, you look really dishy with your Wellies on, I like to wear my Wellies whatever the weather, they feel so good.

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