The Shoot

The Shoot: Leadenhall Market

Hello world,

Even though I’ve been living in London for over four months now and it really shouldn’t still surprise me, but then there are times when walking down the street that I find something that makes me fall in love with this city even more. If I wrote a love song, it would be this crazy, beautiful and absolutely overwhelming city they call London.

While trying to find a bus stop around Bank late one night my boyfriend and I came across Leadenhall Market and by God am I glad to have found it!



Apart from being absolutely stunning, it would also be a perfect location for a future blog shoot. So I had to go back and do a location scouting of it. I snapped a few pictures of myself too and since they’re so nice I thought I’d post them on here.



Dress: H&M Garden Collection (old)
Ankle boots: River Island
Necklace: Forever 21

So that’s my little adventure in which I found another little gem of London. I’ve added a few extra shots of some of the details as they’re really nice.



Has this ever happened to you that you’ve found some amazing places, just by getting lost or going for a wander?

Until then,




Eight years in, and still killing this fashion game. Now a mother, wife, professional-by-day and part-time blogger in between, I still love blogging, producing fashion shoots and curating this blog.
My interests lie in producing high editorial-style content, shooting in grand and unique locations, make-up shoots and doing more studio shoots that really push the boundaries.
I'm open to collaborations and ideas, so please message me.

(Achim, Du bist die Ausnahme, also lass den Quatsch)

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  1. i really wanted to get that dress
    it’s so pretty 🙂 love all your photos

  2. Angelina says:

    I love the post of your comment. The Market is really pretty and I will have to check it out the nexttime I’m in London

  3. Sandra B. says:

    I love that hall you were in. Where is that in London???


  4. Tracy Ristow says:

    I love your layout, it’s nice when you can tell somebody actuallly puts effort into a topic, and gives the topics.
    I look forward to reading more from your blog.


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