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There is a heaven on Earth… and it’s called Forever 21 – Shop of the Week

Hello world,

So for those of you who’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, or been working a lot as I have, Forever 21 opened its very first European store in Dublin on Saturday.
And finally, despite my hectic life, I finally managed to take some time and go through all three floors yesterday.

And by God you really need a couple of hours to go through it!
With their own little sections and so many nooks and crannies stuffed full of clothes and other beautiful accessories this place is like heaven on Earth, only at a brilliant price.
Without a doubt the best part are the accessories and jewellery collections on offer and here are some of the items I bought myself.

I got these in gold!!!
Isn't this just divine?
Such an adorable gold feather bangle

The collection I would definitely recommend is the Twelve by Twelve collection and that’s where I got this cropped jacket and black skirt.

This jacket so reminds me of one Emily Blunt wore in 'The Devil Wears Prada'

I’ve talked so much about it now, I think I’m becoming a little obsessed!
Righteo, I’ll be heading back tomorrow.
Franzi xoxo


Fresh out of college with an MA in Journalism, a passion for clothes, fashion and styling shoots, I was also the fashion editor of a magazine my colleagues and I set up called SCOPE magazine, which was disbanded three years ago. For now I'm just a freelance journalist and blogger.
Other than obsessing about fashion, I love theology and history, writing apocalyptic fiction (it's weird, I know!) and the occasional weeekend of horse-riding if I have the time and I don't injure myself in the process.

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