The Shoot: Lady in Red

The Shoot: Lady in Red

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It’s been a few months now since I moved to London and as it happens, as a newbie to in city, it takes a while until you find all the cool places not mentioned in the guide books. I’m generally not the kind of person go out and explore much, so I’m really grateful for my blog for pushing me out there to discover London all under the guise of finding new shoot locations.

That’s how I stumbled upon Battersea Park as seen in these pictures. I initially just wanted to shoot the Peace Pagoda along the Thames, but I discovered that the park is way prettier this time of year.

When I first saw all the leaves on the ground I knew I had to shoot something there in red and it had to be dramatic.

So these are the images for today’s ‘Look of the Day’. I know the title is from a very cheesy song by an Irishman most Irish people never want to acknowledge as their own, but it seemed the best way to describe this look.



The dress is a lovely number from River Island. I love how River Island seem to come into their own around Christmas time and the party season. The brand isn’t for everyone and I wouldn’t shop with them for basics (with the exception of jeans) but they do have a knack for creating statement pieces. Last year was this shredded red maxi dress that I returned and regretted ever since and this year it’s this understated and sexy maxi dress with long sleeves.

It’s funny as I get older my style has definitely toned down a lot and I find that the days of wearing mini skirts and high heels are gone, only to be replaced with a new kind of sexiness, that is more body-con and peekaboo sexy rather than the in-your-face kind of my teens.



And the jacket is another statement piece from River Island for the Christmas season from the year before last. See what I mean about their Christmas show-stoppers?


As you can probably tell from this photo, it was ridiculously cold when we shot this and I must have been crazy that it would be alright at eight am on a freezing November morning. By the end I was so numb my boyfriend was worried I’d get hypothermia and I was bundled up for the rest of the day trying to shake off that horrible chill.


I’m sorry for rambling on so long on this outfit post but I wanted to share with you the last two photos as I wasn’t the only person doing a shoot in Battersea Park that morning. One Direction, a teeny bopper UK boyband were filming their new music video and I stopped by to have a gawk, purely for research purposes! 🙂 I was rather jealous of the full crew they had to help out, if nothing else as I wouldn’t be a fan of their music. The funny thing was there wasn’t a fan in sight.


(Photos by Roger)

Dress: River Island
Jacket: River Island (old)
Boots: Zara
Bangle: Forever 21
Stack rings: Penneys/Primark

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Nicole Scherzinger and Las Pozas in Mexico

Nicole Scherzinger and Las Pozas in Mexico

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Lately I’ve been obsessed with Nicole Scherzinger’s new song ‘Try With Me’. Not because of the song, even though it is a pretty catchy dance song, but because of the video. I love it when pop acts do videos that take their inspiration from editorial shoots, and this one is an absolute beauty.


I am in love with this location. It’s called Las Pozas near the village of Xilitla in Mexico and it is the work of Surrealist artist Sir Edward James, when he wanted to created an Eden in the jungle. Ridiculously hard to get to, and something like 7 hours north of Mexico city, this is definitely on my wishlist of places I want to visit in my lifetime.

(Image courtesy of

(Image courtesy of

As videos go, this is definitely one of my favourites right now.
I really seem to have a thing for floaty ethereal dresses and locations and I’ve always wanted to go into a jungle since I was a small child, which is ironic considering I’m deathly afraid of snakes ad jungles are full of them.
So whether this dream will ever become a reality remains to be seen, but a girl can dream.
By the way wouldn’t a rave in a location like that be the coolest thing ever? Just imagine some seriously heavy beats and an amazing light show reflecting off the surrealist structures as the light disappears into the dark jungle. I have to give serious props to the director and cinematographer who came up with this concept.
Have a look at some of the screen-caps from the music video and tell me what you think of the location.




(Screencaps courtesy of

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