Behind the Scenes for The Shoot: Leigh-on-Sea

It really shouldn’t be that surprising that the magazine which inspired this shoot was Harper’s Bazaar UK. Is there anything they produce I don’t love? So this shoot was inspired by three shoots all from Harper’s Bazaar UK. All three take on the seaside shoot in different ways and all …

A Mary Katrantzou dreamland

A Mary Katrantzou dreamland

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I came across these beautiful images of Mary Katrantzou pieces and it’s made me even more excited for the new Topshop collaboration. H&M might win with the big names they pull in every year, but I doubt even they can beat the clout that this Topshop collaboration brings when it drops in the springtime.

So I was rather excited when I came across these paintings by Erik Madigan Heck.

Erik Madigan Heck, a New York based photographer has not only photographed the entire collection, he has also created these hyper real images that show of the print and bold colours that make a Mary Katrantzou piece.

You should check out his previous series with Mary Katrantzou, “Surreal Planes” done with the autumn/winter 2011 collection.

I so can’t wait for the Topshop collaboration. What do you guys think of the paintings?



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