The Shoot: Bluebell Meadow

Hello everyone,

So I’ve been wanting to shoot at the Queen’s Cottage and the bluebell meadows in Kew Gardens for years now, and I finally managed it! Yay!!!! By this point, if I keep crossing things of my blog bucket list, I’m going to run out of a list of things I want to do! While I’ve known I’ve wanted to shoot in the bluebell meadow for ages, picking an outfit has always been the harder part. I knew I wanted something ethereal and girly for the shoot to match the field of flowers, but nothing seemed to be in fashion to match it, and a bridesmaid style dress for this shoot would have been incredibly boring.

In the end it was actually a last minute choice to go with an old vintage dress of mine that clinched it. It was also featured in a shoot in Galway a few years ago, here, if you want to take a look. I’d already booked time off work to do this shoot, arranged and planned all the other ones I also done in Kew Gardens that day (because if you’re gonna do a shoot in Kew Gardens, you don’t go there for only one shoot!), so I was fast running out of time on making a decision.

In the end I chose this beautiful pink mesh top from ASOS to compliment the vintage dress and give it a colourful twist. The last thing this shoot needed was to turn the vibrance up on these images in post-production and I was done. In fairness, what more do you need for such a pretty shoot?

Dress: Vintage, Beyond Retro – Pink sheer blouse: ASOS, found here – Nude courts: Aldo


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